PARK(ing) Day 2016


This was the second year PARK(ing) Day, a worldwide initiative that turns parking spaces to mini parks in an effort to have more “green” in our urban communities, expanded to the Gulch neighborhood. Our idea was to get local businesses together to throw one big block party and with the help of our neighbors and vendors, we did just that!

All along Pine Street, each space was developed into an active mini park. Google Fiber set-up a “movie in the park” with a big screen and lawn seating. juice. Nashville a brought their truck to give out samples and sell their cold pressed drinks! Amelia’s Flower Truck beautifully decorated their space with floral arrangements. Taziki’s had several samples and games for some fun entertainment. Juice Bar laid out a lounge area so we could sample their juices in comfort. King of Pops had their cart and plenty of flavorful popsicles to buy! At the end of the street we had giant beer pong provided by ESa.

To keep the activities going, we also had a fitness zone which included 45 minute workouts by personal fitness coach, Chase Tucker and Two Toned Blondes. We concluded the day with a writer’s round from several of our resident and an ESa team member, Meagan!

Thanks to all those who came to support the global initiative, tried our fruit-infused water station and enjoyed a sunny day in the Gulch with some of the best businesses in Nashville!

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