Strides to a Pet-Friendly Nashville


It’s no surprise that we are a very pet-centric community: no monthly pet rent, no weight limit, all-inclusive pet lounge, green leash-free dog run and pet-friendly turf all around our urban building. We love pets!

Over the past few weeks we have partnered with Mars Petcare to create pet policies and standards, which will increase overall awareness for pets in neighborhoods throughout Nashville.

A few days ago our city welcomed some exciting news in regards to making Nashville even more pet-centric. Mayor Barry announced there would be a $350,000+ investment for the pet-friendly cause.  She also recognized us for our Pampered Pets Program and commitment to animals in our community!

The statement is below:


One of those is MarketStreet, who successfully turned a vacant industrial area into a walkable, thriving neighborhood with more than 85% people living with pets — The Gulch is now one of the most established neighborhoods in town. It was one of the first master plan communities in our downtown area that focused on best practices like sustainability. And MarketStreet continues to create beautiful, sustainable, and now, pet-friendly places for our growing downtown population. As the developer of Pine Streets Flats, we’d like to recognize Market Street and Pine Street Flats for its pet-friendly program.

Thank you Mars Petcare, Mayor Berry and the city of Nashville for helping us spread our love of animals! If you like to hear more about our pet-friendly community, read this.


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