Gulch Glimpse: Milk & Honey



214 11th Avenue South | 615.712.7466 |


Milk & Honey was one of the most anticipated new businesses of the Gulch neighborhood. They are now open and ready to serve their all encompassing menu of: craft coffee, juices, specialty cocktails, homemade gelato and other delicious bakery sweets. 


It’s origins come from Chattanooga with the upgrade of a broader menu, which includes anything from omelets to wood-fired pizza sandwiches; and a bigger space that has a bar and retail area where you can “grab-n-go.”


From what we’ve experienced, Milk & Honey is definitely one-of-a-kind, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to our neighborhood!



Atmosphere: casual and easy

Genre: specialty coffee shop + lite snacks + after hour cocktails 

Must-Try: espresso shot dripped over homemade gelato 



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