Gulch Glimpse: Emmy Squared


404 12th Ave S | 615.248.2662 |

Nashville was lucky enough to be chosen as the first location outside of New York for Emmy Squared; and the Gulch was even luckier to be the neighborhood they chose to call their new home!

This Detroit-style pizza will amaze and satisfy you with its crispy crust and signature sauces, which are applied on top of the cheese. You might also guess that the pizza is in the shape of a square with a deeper-dish finish. YUM.

Outside of their pan pizzas, Emmy Squared also offers small plates - like the lite vinaigrette kale salad and sandwiches - like the Le Big Matt, which is a double-stacked grass fed beef burger. Both are worth a mention and must-trys! Your meal can also be complete with their full bar of cocktails, wine and beer.

We are very pleased to call Emmy Squared our neighbor! You can find us lunch-ing there often. Go give them a try!

Atmosphere: Casual
Genre: Detroit-style pizza + small plates / sandwiches
Must-Try: Angel Pie (Pine Street Flats team favorite)

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