New Year; Healthier You

The New Year offers us a clean slate and fresh beginnings. For many of us, we use this opportunity to focus on a healthier version of ourselves. We begin to eat better by cooking at home more often; we join a new gym and commit to a regular fitness routine; we are determined to make THIS year the best year yet.  

And that’s just what we did here at Pine Street Flats! We kicked off 2016 with our first ever full week of boot camp. Our goal was to encourage and help jump-start our residents’ New Year resolution of getting fit and healthy.

Our personal fitness instructor, Chase Tucker, rose to the challenge of our “New Year; Healthier You” campaign. He taught four, 1 hour classes filled with core, back and glute exercises that no normal human should be allowed to do. The soreness was real!

We had a great turn out and hope our residents continue to be motivated by the “New Year; Healthier You” moto!

Finally, we wrapped up our boot camp week with Free Juice Friday, where residents were able to show their bodies some love with a fresh juice from Juice Nashville in the Gulch.

If you want to join the “New Year; Healthier You” campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out to Chase Tucker! His contagious energy and love of physical fitness will help get you the results you want. Learn more about him in our Business Spotlight.


Business Spotlight: CHASE TUCKER

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m originally from Chicago, IL and have called Nashville my home since 2008.


Q: Have you always been this physically fit?

A: Physical activity has always been a part of my life! I have played soccer since I was 4 years old and just can’t get enough activity in my daily routine.


Q: Aside from being Pine Street Flats’ fitness instructor, what else do you pursue?

A: I’m also an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp in the Gulch. I just love teaching AND take classes there. Come see me anytime!


Q: Tell us about your diet.

A: I’m a big fan of “flexible dieting” rather than restricting meals. My favorite food? Pancakes. You can enjoy life and be physically fit at the same time!


Email: | Phone: 731-394-5664

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