Life Maximizes Here


Earlier this summer we launched a 45 Day Mind and Body Challenge created specifically for our residents! We partnered with Stronghold Chiropractic to develop a program that encompassed all aspects of health and wellness that really made us question if we were in fact living our life to the max.

Throughout the challenge, our office staff and residents came together weekly to discuss our progress and to learn a new element of wellness.

With the help of Juice Bar - the Gulch we learned the basics and benefits of juicing; thanks to Barry’s Bootcamp, we were able to get in some physical fitness as a group; and of course, Stronghold Chiropractic gave us lessons on nervy supply, toxicity and lean muscles.

We wrapped up the 45 Day Mind and Body Challenge with great progress and were happy to award grand prizes to some very deserving residents. We look forward to continuing to live our life to the max!

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