Celebrating the Total Solar Eclipse


Nashville always knows how to celebrate big, and that was no different when it came to the total solar eclipse that graced our nation this past Monday, August 21st. From rooftop parties to boat rides to picnics in the fields - people were determined to view this jaw dropping celestial event; an event that hadn’t happened in 99 years!

Hundreds of people traveled to our city to get sight of the moon making its way over the sun, and we don’t blame them! We gazed at this once in a lifetime experience on our rooftop with true admiration. DJ Benny B livened our viewing party for all our residents and their friends. Of all our resident events, we must say this one truly made history! #TotalSolarEclipse2017


*The picture above is from our rooftop party; revealing the sunsets that flourished after the eclipse. 

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